McPherson and Jacobson LLC.

The consultants of McPherson & Jacobson L.L.C, have completed Phases I & II of the superintendent search process. These phases included working with the school board and with the community to identify criteria for a new superintendent in the Texarkana Arkansas School District. The top criteria, as determined by the Board, are:

The Texarkana Arkansas School District Board of Education is seeking a leader:

  • That is knowledgeable and has proven performance in all facets of school administration, including facility management, school finance, and personnel, with an understanding of Arkansas school law and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education regulations pertaining to public schools.
  • That can create systems that will ensure alignment of the curriculum in the elementary schools, monitor instructional practices, and create consistency in addressing discipline in all schools.
  • That is proven and versed in changing the culture and learning environment in underperforming schools to improve test scores in elementary and secondary schools and positively impact all school ratings and grades.

4   That is a visionary, collaborative leader, and consensus builder that can lead the Texarkana Arkansas School District and community to educate and prepare all students for a rapidly changing world culture.

5    That is personable, enthusiastic, committed to the Texarkana Arkansas School District, and becomes the “Face of the District” who engages the community and displays transparency in district operations.

6.  That is characterized by high moral standards and integrity, which influences others to higher levels of professionalism, and is a good communicator who can build trust with the Board of Education, staff, and students.

7.  That is knowledgeable in the Arkansas LEARNS Act, has a basic understanding of the magnet school concept in elementary schools, creates a culture of high expectations, and establishes a system of accountability for all staff.

The superintendent’s position is advertised on the Arkansas Association of Education Administrators site, the Arkansas School Boards site, the McPherson & Jacobson website, and professional associations throughout the United States.

The deadline for submitting application materials is February 15, 2024. After that date, the consultants will review the completed files and evaluated the candidates against the established criteria. The consultants will be conducting extensive background checks on the candidates.

On February 20, 2024, Kieth Williams and Wayne Gibson will meet with the Board of Education to review the stakeholder input summary, begin writing interview questions, and discuss the logistics of the interview process.

On March 4, 2024, the consultants will meet with the Board of Education to review candidates and assist the Board as it selects final candidates to be interviewed.

After the superintendent has been hired, the lead consultant will facilitate a Board/Superintendent workshop to assist in the establishment of performance objectives for the new superintendent.