See or Hear Something, Say Something

Over the past several weeks, Texarkana Arkansas School District and campus officials have noticed incidents of written threats against the school in restroom stalls on the high school campus. The Texarkana Arkansas School District (TASD) and Texarkana Arkansas Police Department (TAPD) take every threat seriously and conduct threat assessments to determine the validity of any threat made whether the threat is made on social media, in-person, written in a restroom stall, etc. If a threat is deemed credible by TASD and TAPD, any of the following actions may take place: increased security and police presence, school lockdown, and/or school cancellation. The district will communicate the nature of the credible threat with students, staff, and parents along with the actions taken. If it is determined, after a thorough assessment is conducted, that the threat is not credible, the campus will resume as normal with additional security and police presence.

It is very important for parents/guardians to partner with us by talking with your child and explaining the seriousness of making threats against their peers, staff, campus, or district. Such actions face severe consequences which may include expulsion from school and/or arrest.

Anyone with information regarding any threat against another student, staff, or campus should report it immediately to a district or campus administrator or the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department. If you hear or see something, say something. It takes everyone working together to help ensure a safe learning environment for the students and staff of the Texarkana Arkansas School District.

We realize that our students, like many children across the nation, are facing difficult times as we continue to recover from the affects that COVID-19 has had on our school community. If you or someone you know needs support or is reaching out for help you can contact a school official or connect with a Crisis Counselor by texting HOME to 741741.