AHS Senior Wins EAST Competition - Wrangler Fletcher

Arkansas High School (AHS) Senior Wrangler Fletcher won the Hello, My Name Is…Interview Competition during the National EAST Conference 2022.

EAST is education accelerated by service and technology. EAST transforms schools and communities by empowering students with technology, by encouraging critical thinking and creative problem-solving, and by engaging them in positive, real-world experiences. Through EAST, students become positive agents of change, improving the world around them. Carla Phares, AHS EAST Facilitator, said Wrangler’s achievement throughout his years in high school is a testament to his fellow peers in the program that hard work pays off and giving back to the community is a rewarding experience.

The Hello, My Name Is…Interview Competition consisted of creating a cover letter, building a resume, and interviewing for the EAST General Intern job, a fictitious position created for competition purposes. Wrangler has been involved in the TASD EAST program since elementary school. “Winning this award makes me feel very accomplished,” Wrangler said. I really enjoy being part of a program that gives back to the community and allows me to work with my fellow classmates as well as the community.”

Wrangler currently serves as the EAST Student Champion for the AHS EAST program. In that role, he helps the facilitators stay up-to-date on deadlines and other time sensitive activities taking place in the program. As the Student Champion, Wrangler also collaborates with his peers and provides advice whenever they need help using the course software. Wrangler was recognized at the EAST Conference where he received a $250 Amazon gift card, Arkansas Tech School of Business swag bag, as well as the winning trophy.